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This a rebuttal of the review left by Tim L which is malicious and fundamentally untrue. The events happened in 2009 and the review was not placed till 2013! The couple above contacted me in September 2009, by email from Montenegro where they live on a boat. I was asked to provide a quote for a marquee, tables and chairs for a wedding taking place in 12 days time 26/09/09. They subsequently booked and transferred part payment into our bank account with the balance due to be transferred within hours from another account.. Three days later it was still not paid and we had to accept the offer of cash on delivery. I had also requested a contact address and telephone numbers. All that was provided was a mobile number which when tried did not belong to them or anybody that knew them. I therefore had no means of contact. When the setup team arrived on site there was nobody to meet us. The Farmer said he had no idea who was renting his field - somebody had turned up at the door late one evening to ask if they could rent the field. The field in question was full of sheep, sheep droppings and was totally unsuitable. By this time the couple arrived and the situation explained. The farmer offered another alternative, but the grass was far too long (a foot) and we said it would need to be cut as we could not lay carpet that would not be a serious trip hazard on grass that long. We offered to wait whilst it was cut, but the couple blankly refused. The calls I was receiving from the writer of the above review became increasingly threatening and abusive and latterly with violent threats. In addition we were very uneasy that they had acquired a drinks licence for 200 and had no toilets or electricity and it would be dark by 7pm About 12 o'clock after 3 hours of waiting they announced that they had a big group of males coming to 'force' my team to set the marquee up. At this point my team deemed for their own safety that they had better leave which they did. Despite all this we still offered to come back the following morning provided they paid the balance and provided a £500 bond as we still had no UK contact address or phone number and they could easily disappear back to Montenegro with our marquee trashed. This offer was refused and I refunded their payment less our costs from the day before. We are a reputable totally reliable company with many glowing reviews published in full (not just a excerpt) on our website�. Many of these would willing give a verbal reference if required. For anybody reading this that has concerns please contact us as full correspondence including signed staff affidavits are available Phil de Cobain Managing Director Premier Event Marquees
When searching there were many bad reviews that disappeared. The only free part is search. You cannot read messages unless you join.SHADY TACTICS: Going into you email contacts, posting them saying these people are searching for you. The real stupidity as business contacts are searching for you.To say 100% COMPLETELY free is a lie.Beware where their bad reviews disappeared in the past few months, beware of their false advertisement. Beware of their shady maneuvers. Check out their financials. Have not paid so no rating for money value.
Asian wedding & party services are the most horrendous, disgusting & in humane organisation I have ever come across. We received warnings from several people but still went ahead thinking he sounds like he would do a good job. We signed a contract for a very simple wedding to be executed however we received nothing in return. We were told 2 days before we had to pay for place cards despite no charge being mentioned when it was agreed a month ago. Mr Armaan Mohammed, the "wedding planner" did not turn up to the event he was supposed to run nor did he tell us. We had to call him to find out where he was. He told us he was in Liverpool but did not say why. Apparently a substitute was sent although no one introduced themselves. Half of the stage was missing, the food was cold, some guests were told there was no food even though we received 4 large containers to take home, understaffed, staff had coloured pink/blue hair, face piercings etc. p.a system was 'forgotten' so no music for half of the wedding. Asian wedding & party service employee skipped track halfway through brides entrance song then stopped music altogether. WORST part-they agreed remaining balance could be paid after wedding however, while the guests were waiting for food, they told us they would not serve the food until remaining balance was paid in cash - !!!! Who the F does that?! We had no choice, had to pay cash. I would not hire this disgusting excuse of a company should someone pay me millions. To my dismay I found out after that he has done the above to many clients at wedding functions he has been hired to organise. This review will be deleted by the company but I will keep putting it on. Mr Armaan Mohammed is not a wedding planner, he is a con artist. He has metal shutters on his premises due to the amount of people who want his head on a platter. Cannot wait to see the company crash and burn. Just a matter of time. Saffron or Milaan events would absolutely be the wiser choice.
Review of Premier Event Marquees, Goole, UK. This is a warning to anyone considering hiring a wedding marquee or doing any business with Premier Event Marquees in Goole. For our wedding, we rented a full package of marquees, furniture and lights from Premier Event Marquees. The site was a registered campsite in a beautiful valley in Derbyshire. We found it on the internet as it had been used for weddings before and we corresponded with one of those who had been married there recently. The site had numerous suitable fields, all with good access, and complying with the companyâ??s terms and conditions, listed at the end of this review. The day before our wedding, the company arrived as arranged to set up the marquees. Shortly afterwards, my wife and friends arrived to help set up to be told by the two men from PEM that they were not going to put up the marquees, demanding another £500 â??securityâ?? on the spot. For some reason the marquee company decided that the wedding was â??dodgyâ?? as they had spoken to the farmers who owned the land â?? a charming and elderly couple â?? who were slightly confused about the arrangements. Rather than discuss this professionally with us, they decided to cancel the contract and effectively destroy our wedding. My wife stood, in tears in the driveway, trying to stop them from driving off. Can you imagine the impact of that on us? Now that you are planning your own wedding, what on earth would you do? After this, there were several desperate negotiations in person and on the phone about how we could get them to stay. The manager â?? Phil de Cobain â?? demanded extra money, in cash, there and then. We agreed to pay. They demanded that we cut the grass. We spoke to the farmer who agreed to do it immediately. They said the field had had sheep in it. Then they just drove off. Over the phone, they agreed to return and fulfil the contract. They didnâ??t. They ignored my phone calls until I used a different phone, then finally admitted that they were already back at their base a hundred miles away. By this time it was 2pm the day before our wedding and we had no marquee, no furniture, no toilets. Later that day, the director phoned and apologised, probably worried that I had threatened legal action. He apologised and said that we could have a full refund within 24 hours. Not a huge amount of use at this point in time â?? and the refund never happened. A week later, when we were supposed to be enjoying our honeymoon â?? which they knew, as we had contacted them repeatedly and they ignored us â?? we threatened to call the police as legally it was theft. The next day they paid up most of the money, but no apology or remorse. So they affected our honeymoon as well as our wedding. Retrospectively, Premier Event Marquees claimed two main reasons for breaking their contract. Firstly, the grass was too long, they said it was â??knee highâ??. Anticipating this, after the wedding we filmed the site before we left. The grass was less than an inch high. Secondly, they claimed they were â??threatenedâ??. At the time, they claimed my bride-to-be (who is 5â??4â??) threatened them (two large men), when in fact she spent most of the time in shock and trying to find a solution. I threatened them over the phone with legal action, as you can imagine, if they broke their contract and ruined the best day of my life. Afterwards, they claimed that they left because we refused to cut the grass! Can you imagine risking your own wedding by refusing to cut the grass? Complete nonsense. We would have done anything to keep them there. Using these excuses is feeble-minded and transparent. It is the companyâ??s own policy to conduct site inspections. They had not done this despite knowing that the site was on a campsite on farmland. Luckily, there were several independent witnesses at the site who offered to make statements to support any legal action we took. They completely refute the companyâ??s claims made at the time. We are so confident of our position, that we invite Premier Event Marquees to take legal action against us to prove their case. We wanted to pursue them for breach of contract and had an excellent case due to the independent witnesses, video evidence, the poor verbal and surprisingly, even written excuses of the company, and the incompetent actions of the manager, Phil de Cobain, both at the time and afterwards. See Appendix below. However, as we live abroad for many months at a time â?? we are professional sailors â?? it wasnâ??t practical. Three years later, their actions still cast a shadow over our wedding. As sailors, we teach and believe in personal responsibility. We have written this negative review of Premier Event Marquees in Goole, as they continuously acted without compassion or professionalism, with grave consequences for us, and at the most damaging moments possible, and have not been held accountable for any of it. We have nothing to gain personally from writing this, but we can help ensure that they donâ??t do it to anyone else. Thankfully, in these days of the internet, itâ??s easy to find out all about the product or service youâ??re interested in, so we can make sure that behind the flashy advertising and the one line testimonials, there is substance. Our own company has nearly a hundred independent reviews rated â??excellentâ?? and we would not dream of treating anyone the way they did. Nor would most people. Iâ??m sure that most of the time, the company does a reasonable job. But speaking from experience, one of their â??bad daysâ?? would mean one of the worst days of your life. There are hundreds of other marquee companies out there. Tim & Katie, UK Post-script â?? the landowners were so shocked by the actions of PEM that they told the rest of the villagers in Edale. Everyone was so disgusted that anyone could do that to people on their wedding day, that the village rallied round and provided all the furniture and marquees they could muster. It was like an episode of the Archers and it made the local news. In the end, on the actual day of our wedding, we taped nine different small marquees together. Tractors rumbled across fields and delivered tables and straw bales. As guests arrived, they were directed to various assembly stations! The tables were still being laid by the locals as we were tying the knot. It became a glorious and uplifting event that involved everyone and made for a very special day â?? despite PEMâ??s shameless attempt to wreck our wedding. If it had rained, which it did two days later, it would have been a disaster. Appendix 1: Premier Event Marquees terms and conditions. From 3.(i) CONDITIONS OF SITE. The Companyâ??s quotation for hire charges is made on the assumption that the site on which the tents or equipment are to be erected or to which goods are to be delivered is:- a) flat level firm ground with easy access for heavy motor transport and b) has no drain pipes, cables or other services buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed. Appendix 2: Legal letter to PEM. 17th December, 2009 Dear Mr P de Cobain On 25th September, 2009, you broke your contract with us and failed to provide services which we had paid for in advance â?? namely to provide the marquee and all furnishings and lighting for our wedding the following day. With 24 hours to go before the best day of our lives, you made a decision that effectively destroyed that wedding. Not content with that and despite your promises of a full and immediate refund, you then kept our money for a further week (until we threatened police action) which prevented us from going on our honeymoon. We do not believe these decisions were fair and reasonable based on industry standards, or indeed any standards, social or ethical. The consequences for us of your decision cannot be undone. However, the consequences for you have been, thus far, none. Whilst we would much rather forget your involvement in our wedding memories, that is impossible. We cannot tell the story of â??our perfect dayâ?? without a lengthy description of your companyâ??s actions. Universally, the response is disbelief and disgust at your behaviour, followed by enquiry about what we are going to do about it. The remainder of the wedding is barely discussed. This is just one consequence of your actions that we hold you responsible for. We have no history of litigation and see this as a last resort. We have asked you for an apology and received none. We are not interested in making money out of this and to that end, have already pledged everything we may receive from this action (beyond our additional expenses on the day) to those that helped us in that emergency, namely the local vicar, Edale horticultural society and our friends who had to take additional time off work. Sadly, we believe this is the only way to make you responsible â?? by causing you financial loss â?? and preventing you from doing this to someone else. Here are the salient points of our civil case against Premier Event Marquees, Goole. This is only a summary of the evidence, which will be offered to the appropriate arbitrator at the next stage of proceedings should that be necessary. 1. You were contracted to provide a service for us on 25/09/09. You did not provide this service, even after a negotiation process where we agreed to and acted on your extended terms. Specifically, you (Phil) agreed to return to the site and fulfil your contract but instead returned to your base in Goole and ignored our phone calls until Mr Layton (the groom) called you using a different phone number that you did not recognise and thus answered. By this time, your team had arrived back in Goole, not the wedding site in Edale as promised. 2. After a further negotiation with the director of your company (Jamie de Cobain), you again refused to honour your contract without placing unreasonable additional terms to it that could not be trusted to be effective, ie. considering that the company had already failed to honour the contract that day, it was too high a risk to trust the word of another one of its staff a second time. 3. For various reasons given at the time and then later in your email of 03/10/09, you claimed that you had grounds to cancel the contract. These grounds are, without exception, completely refuted. Furthermore, we have gathered video evidence from the site, and independent witnesses have contacted us to offer statements, namely the owners of the farm, local residents, wedding guests and a previous hirer of the site, to prove our case against you. In order to resolve the case without any legal action, we expect the following: 1. An apology. 2. An admittance of liability â?? you were professionally negligent by not conducting a site visit on a space you knew was a farm, nor did you inform us of any special conditions that your â??specialâ?? marquees required prior to erection, nor are they listed on your Terms & Conditions that you sent us. 3. The full refund you promised â?? you still have £100 of our deposit. We have no receipt for this and still regard it as theft. 4. Compensation â?? we are seeking compensation to cover our additional costs, the severe mental and physical stress you caused us at on such an important day, the inconvenience and loss of earnings caused to everyone who had to help us, the detrimental and irreversible effect your breach of contract had on our wedding plans, and the impact on our honeymoon that your failure to repay us when promised had.
Premier Bouncy Castles were on time, very polite and very reliable, i hired the rodeo bull last week and everybody had a great time, they were also the best priced in the northeast we could find, so thanks again and i will be in touch again in the very near future. Comment 0

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